Sana Sugarfree effervescent tablets

Without any sugar or sweetener

How much sugar does a standard effervescent tablet contain? Well, not much.
You get significantly more from a coke or even a fruit juice. But there are consumers whose target is zero sugar intake.
We thought about them when we brought our sugarfree series effervescent tablets to life.
Besides completely removing sugar from the composition, we also avoided the use of the common artifical sweeteners. With the purest stevia leaf extract you can feel a full bodied sweetness while you actually have not taken any sugar or sweetener. This is the best solution which we can offer to our most health conscious customers. If you are looking for the highest quality on the market, ask for the sana+ sugarfree series effervescent tablets!
  • Sugarfree Multivitamin
  • Sugarfree Vitamin C 1000 mg
  • Sugarfree Magnesium+ Vitamin B6
  • Sugarfree Calcium+Vitamin D+K
  • Sugarfree Iron+C+folic acid+B6+B12
  • Sugarfree Multivitamin+Calcium for Kids
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