Sana Sport effervescent tablets

All the effective active ingredients in one single tablet

No need to be a pro to get professional support! As a manufacturer of several premium sport brands worldwide, we decided to use all this know-how and prepare our sana+ sport series effervescent tablets. If you desire to reach a nice figure for the beach season, if you want to be the king of the gym or if you are a professional athlete, these products will help you to achieve your goals. Our objective was to put a very effective active ingredient quantity into one single tablet and make it suitable for a sports bottle.
The result is that you have a product where you don’t need tricky powders and measured portions,
just drop a tablet in your bottle and start. You can be even more effective by saving time with such
a practical solution which also tastes great. Check it out yourself!
  • Sport ISOTONIC Berry
  • Sport Creatine
  • Sport ISOTONIC Lemon-lime
  • Sport L-carnitine
  • Sport ISOTONIC Orange
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