Sana Premium effervescent tablets

Independently from gender, age or lifestyle

When we developed the premium series from the sana+ effervescent tablets, our idea was to create a best seller range on the market. Therefore we have carefully chosen the finest flavours, sweeteners that make the best sweetness character and the highest quality ingredients in general. Our objective was also to avoid the use of artifical raw materials that are useful for tablet production from a technical perspective. In case of the active ingredients we didn’t want to invent too sophisticated items. The focus was simply to have a range which is popular among all consumers and all people can take indepently from gender, age or lifestyle. Even if you look for an effective everyday supplement which is healthy due to the fact that all active ingredients are already dissolved or you just want to have a refreshing fruity drink with some benefits, this is your choice. If you choose our premium series, you will definitely be satisfied!
  • Premium Vitamin C 1000 mg
  • Sana+ Premium Multivitamin
    Premium Multivitamin
  • Sana+ Premium Vitamin C+ Zinc
    Premium Vitamin C + Zinc
  • Sana+ Magnesium +Vitmain B6
    Premium Magnesium+Vitamin B6
  • Premium Calcium + Vitamin D+K
  • Premium Iron+C+folic acid+B6+B12
  • Premium Multivitamin+Calcium for Kids
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